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• What type of visa is it?
The visa is an electronic visa which is updated directly on your PNR.

• Is it a single or a multiple entry visa?
It is a single entry visa.

• Can the entry and exit, be from any airport of UAE?
The entry and exit of the applicant has to be from the Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Airport only. Since IndiGo is flying to Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah International airport presently. Which may change with IndiGo expansion Plan. But he / she is permitted to go to any part of UAE.

• Who can apply through INDIGO for a Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Sharjah Visa?
Any Applicant holding Indian passport, desiring to visit UAE travelling on IndiGo, can apply for the visa from INDIGO.

• Are the visa fees same for infants?
Yes, the visa fees are same for an infant or an adult passenger.

• What are the advantages of applying for a visa through INDIGO?
On applying for a visa through INDIGO, the process of finding a local sponsor in UAE gets eliminated and it becomes more convenient, cost effective, automated and seamless.

• What is the procedure for applying for a visa to UAE?
If an Applicant is qualifying as per the eligibility criteria, he/she can download the visa application form from the website and submit the same.

• Does INDIGO process work permit / residence visa?
INDIGO do not process work permit / residence visa.

• How many days prior to the date of travel can an Applicant apply or process the visa application?
An applicant can apply for his/ her visa a maximum of 1 month prior to the date of travel.

• Can we apply visa on Hand Written passport
No, Hand written passport is not acceptable to process Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Sharjah Visa application.

• Is the Visa fees inclusive of all charges or there are any additional service charges-levied?
The Visa fees are inclusive of all charges, and there are no additional charges for the same.

• Is there an interview for visa application?
No there is no interview for visa application

• How long can I stay in UAE?
For Tourist visa, you can stay in UAE for maximum 30 days only.

• What happen if someone overstays due to unavoidable circumstances?
Heavy penalties and leading to imprisonment and prohibiting entrance again for the future visit.

• Is this visa can be transferable/convertible/extendable?
NO, this visa cannot be transfer/convert/extend.

• How do I know the status of my application?
Visas take 3 – 4 working days (Except Friday’s /Saturday’s/ UAE Holiday’s) from the time of submission. You can contact IndiGo call centre either by mail / phone to know the status of your application. Alternatively, you can track the application with the help of your passport number on the IndiGo Visa landing page.

• My visa is lost / stolen. What can I do?
All visas are emailed to you so that you can take the print out in case of lost/stolen.
Also you can download the visa copy on our Visa landing page.

• What is OTB?
OTB means OK to Board. This is our airlines requirement.
OK to board’ message Required for 1) All visitor's holding ECR (Emigration Check Required) passport. 2) Visitor's travelling with a print-out of labor and work e-Visa (even if passport is stamped with ECNR).

‘OK TO BOARD’ message is Not Required for 1) Visitor's travelling with a print-out of Tourist and Business visa (with ECNR passport). 2) Visitor's eligible for Visa on arrival. 3) Visitor's carrying the original paper Visa or resident visa stamped on the passport

• What is the Eligibility Criteria
(To know the eligibility for Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Sharjah Visa Click here)

• What are the Documents required to Process the Visa application?
(To know the supporting documents for Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Sharjah VisaClick here)