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  1. The UAE Visa application facility on travel2dubai is presently available to Indian Passport Holders who fulfil the eligibility conditions prescribed by the UAE Visa authorities.

  2. The Applicant has the responsibility of completing the application accurately and providing all relevant and prescribed supporting documents in the required format and complying with the requirements of the UAE Visa authorities and Indian authorities, where applicable. travel2dubai does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness of the application and will be entitled to disregard incomplete and / or duplicate applications. travel2dubai will not be responsible for any delays in processing the application on account of incomplete / inaccurate information or documentation.

  3. travel2dubai endeavor would be to submit the visa application as soon as possible. However, the processing of the visa application is subject to the procedures, terms & conditions and timelines of the UAE visa authorities. UAE Visa Authorities do not accept any Visa Application for processing on Friday, Saturday and designated holidays. Visa applications will be processed for submission normally within 3 weeks of the travel date. Timelines for processing of visa applications may be affected during busy travel periods.

  4. travel2dubai only performs an administrative and co-ordination role of collecting & accepting the visa application and supporting documentation from the applicant & forwarding the same to UAE Visa authorities for their consideration and communicating the outcome of the Visa application to the applicant. The decision to grant or refuse a visa is the sole prerogative of the UAE Visa authorities and their decision in this regard is final. In case of rejection of the visa application, travel2dubai will not be liable to provide any reasons for such refusal. travel2dubai shall not be liable for any losses or damages, which the applicant may suffer arising from delay in processing or receiving of visa.

  5. travel2dubai will not be responsible for and will not be liable to the applicant, if the applicant is unable to travel due to denied boarding, offloading, delays or cancellation of flight or force majeure situations, technical breakdown / telecommunication failures or other circumstances beyond travel2dubai's control. travel2dubai shall also not be liable in the case of any change in the date of travel which is not communicated in writing to travel2dubai.

  6. The visa must be accepted as offered, and the applicant is responsible for checking the accuracy of the visa upon issuance. The UAE visa is non - transferable, non extendable and must be availed within its period of validity. The Visa holder is required to carry and produce the printed copy of the valid visa to the UAE Immigration authorities at the airport of arrival in the UAE.

  7. Issuance of a visa or approval of visa application does not in any way entitle the visa holder to enter the UAE. The entry is at the sole discretion of the Immigration authorities at the arrival airport. In case of denial of entry into UAE by the Emigration authorities, travel2dubai shall in no way be liable to the applicant in any manner whatsoever.

  8. Refund Policy: The entire payment made for UAE visas, including OK to Board Charges is NON REFUNDABLE once the applicant has submitted the application to travel2dubai on the system or through any other offline channel or method. The NO REFUND policy is applicable as soon as the Visa application is submitted to travel2dubai regardless of the visa being approved or denied by the UAE visa authorities or any changes in flight/airline of travel. These policies are in accordance with the policy of the UAE Visa authorities and Airline practices.

  9. Cancellation & Return Policy: A UAE Visa application cannot be retrieved or recalled once it has been submitted by travel2dubai to the UAE Visa authorities. An approved Visa may be cancelled within the validity period by making a specific request to the UAE Visa authorities. In such cases, travel2dubai will advise and levy a cancellation charge and any other costs incurred for the purpose of cancelling the visa with the UAE visa authorities and / or their Authorised Representatives.

  10. The Applicant is required to provide all required information to travel2dubai for fulfilling the Ok To Board (OTB) requirement of Indigo. This includes a valid PNR/ complete flight details at the time of submission of application. OTB clearance is valid only for the specific Indigo flight for which it was sought and cannot be transferred to another flight/date/airline. Applicable OTB Charges are included in the visa fee payable at the time of submission of application. The applicant has the primary responsibility to check the accuracy & validity of the OTB and provide any changes to travel2dubai at least 48 hours prior to departure.

  11. OK to board’ message Required for 1) All visitor's holding ECR (Emigration Check Required) passport. 2) Visitor's travelling with a print-out of labor and work e-Visa (even if passport is stamped with ECNR). ‘OK TO BOARD’ message is Not Required for 1) Visitor's travelling with a print-out of Tourist and Business visa (with ECNR passport). 2) Visitor's eligible for Visa on arrival. 3) Visitor's carrying the original paper Visa or resident visa stamped on the passport